A rare moment that the boat is clean “enough” to share pictures of the inside

For the past decade, when Chris would call me over to look at pictures of boats we might someday consider, I would basically have one sole interest: the cabin.  The outside of the boat was vaguely interesting and whatever specs were there were outside of my technical awareness/knowledge/interest, so really, I just wanted to look at where I would *live*.  So, the interior of Autonomy really represents for me why I thought it was a good boat for our family.  Side note here – with unlimited resources, I would really be all for a more apartment-like inside with more modern everything, but then the dinners out and sightseeing excursions we can and will enjoy would be unfunded.

Looking in from the cockpit doorway – here is our table (i.e., our living and dining room, haha) into our bedroom. Yes, that opening is well, open. We hoped the open feeling would be worth the lack of privacy and so far, it is working fine for us.
Here is the view looking over the navigation station at the table and kitchen (I know, the “galley”) beyond.
This is our fridge – yes, it looks like a cooler, but since it plugs in and was expensive, we refuse to call it a cooler. We originally put it by the table inside, but it crowded things up, so we’re trying out the cockpit locale for now.
Madi’s Room. On the left, there is a cabinet which I’ve claimed as a pantry since her room borders on the kitchen. She also has a few drawers and a basket of clothes on the left. I used more baskets to store books and toys, which are wedged in between her bed and the wall on the left.
The headliner (i.e., the stuff covering the walls in normal non-boat person speak, my fluent language!) is stained in parts from the glue underneath and also has some small rips. I considered attempting to paint it, but that was a project that was low on the priority list. So, I’ve mostly just tried to dress up the walls with decals, a banner, and cork strips. The decals are peeling on the sides, probably due to the heat, but they’re still cute for now.
Madi has tons of storage, including a whole big area at the end of her cabin underneath the bed platform (Barbie box is on top of the storage hatch in this picture). So, for her bed, we bought a full size memory foam mattress and then bravely attacked it with a kitchen knife…well, by that I mean we trimmed it to the right size for her and her space. But it was a brand new mattress and we did use a kitchen knife and it was scary, so bravery is appropriate as a description, I think.
I’m getting creative with storing her clothes. So, currently, the dresses are hanging up behind her door, though this makes the hook that holds her door open slip out, so she either needs less clothes or I need to rethink the organization. To the top left, there is space for games and some art supplies.
This is on the right just before her bed. Underneath the book basket is even more storage where we’ve stashed art supplies…because it is very logical to keep paint and glitter and other things I buy but then try to avoid actually messing with inaccessible.
The master cabin. Entrance is through the kitchen from the right side (or “starboard” – see, I’m learning).
We have great storage in our room too including under our bed, but that is hard to get to because of the bulky mattress. The little grey curtain hides pretty good size cubbies.
More things tucked away in our room plus we have this closet to hang up the clothes we’ll never wear since we now live in t-shirts and shorts.
More storage in our room
The kitchen. I love big kitchens with fancy appliances, so this is doable, but not what I wish it was. We have a 3-burner propane stove and small oven. There is a double sink, but both sides are small.
I do have plenty of room for things we use often. Storage is a definite plus on this boat.


The navigation (i.e., “nav”) station.
Here is the bathroom. That’s our compost toilet, which seems to be working well for us, though I don’t personally have a good marine reference to make comparisons. Beyond the toilet, we have a good size closet. We do shower in here – the previous owners just used one rigged for outside, but I wanted it to feel less like camping and more like home. The “fun” part is that I haven’t yet mastered how to use the hot water without it just being scalding, so showers in here are cold. In fairness, it is hot basically all the time and so the cool temperature really just feels refreshing. We don’t have a water maker, so instead depend on the tanks which are filled when we dock somewhere. This means that water conservation is a real concern and so when getting a cold shower, we try to make it quick.
Here is what we use as a storage cabin. It is the same size as Madi’s room, but just crammed with boat stuff. Who knew how much boat stuff one needs when cruising on a boat? Not I.

And that’s our home!


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