5 thoughts from the first few weeks of boat life

  1. Rumor has it that boat projects are notorious for taking longer than anticipated. We can certainly agree as we are now in our second month in Florida and still prepping the boat to get moving.  Nothing seems to progress in the seamless way one might expect: Chris starts an engine repair only to realize that he’s missing some necessary parts…which are ordered, but it turns out the company sent the wrong ones…more waiting.  Chris begins installing the toilet (http://natureshead.net/) and discovers first that (yay!) it does in fact fit in the preferred location, but (ugh!) it shimmies a bit when put there and by the way, the air hose opening in the boat (as technically correct as I’ll get, haha) needs waterproofing and the seat is high enough that we need a foot stool…which requires research and ordering and of course more waiting…and let’s be honest, we’ll probably want to “fine tune” that too on arrival.  So the one day toilet project remains ongoing.
  1. Meanwhile, on our first day out putting up sails, we somehow broke some mystery tie thingies at the top of the mast…so today, Chris is up at the top sorting out what happened there. Thankfully, we had Alex and Logan aboard for some extra manpower to secure the sail and then help us get back in the slip.  Our boat is wide…and we’re still holding our breath trying to maneuver it in tight spaces.  The good news is that everything we do is a learning experience and we truly are becoming better at all this with each task we tackle.
  1. Boat life is kind of painful. I’ve picked up more bruises in the past few weeks than probably the whole last year if not longer.  Remembering where all the ledges and edges and poky boat parts are will take time and so until then, I’m adding black/blue to my personal color scheme.  At least it makes me look tough.
  1. It turns out that I might actually like living on a boat…phew! Chris and I brought the boat up from Moorehaven and I was relieved to find that when we got up here to Satellite Beach, I was not desperate to get on land.  In fairness, we did get off the boat in Vero Beach and grabbed dinner beachfront and then took the dinghy to a riverfront diner for breakfast.  The movement of the boat is nice, less jarring and more lulling than you might expect.  I guess that is the difference with a catamaran; stuff generally stays put, at least so far.
  1. Chris can transform into a boat bum pretty easily. Within a week, he had burnt skin, unkempt facial hair, and needed a haircut…and perhaps a shower.  In fairness, this initial progress was while he was down in the boat yard working on the boat.  However, the weeks following showed more of the same (though he did shower regularly, haha).  Luckily for me, Jack asked for him to be uniform-ready when we visited and although it turned out that they didn’t ultimately do anything requiring Chris to be in uniform, my clean-cut husband came back to me, albeit in stages.  Check out the pictures of his shaving progress…suffice it to say, a mustache is not in Chris’s future.

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14 thoughts on “5 thoughts from the first few weeks of boat life

  1. I love the idea of living on a boat. Congratulations for doing it. Taking that first step is probably half the battle. Hope to see you one day.

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  2. Jamie, I loved reading your update, and I am happy to hear that you might enjoy living on a boat. Chris, I am uber entertained by the castaway pictures; although, I must agree with Jamie.. the mustache is not you.

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    1. No mustache for Chris! Beard + mustache is okay, although how you have all that itchy stuff way down your neck is beyond me!


  3. Jamie,

    I have to say your blog provided me with some good laughs! As always your narrative of Chris (that’s going to take some getting used to, to call him that. I thought of calling him “the boss”, but I’m pretty sure in your household you and Achilles are the boss) and his antics are always amusing! We are thinking of heading to Martinique in the Carribean in Feb … if you guys are down that way maybe just maybe we will bump into each other and grab dinner. Glad you are having fun so far and I look forward living vicariously through you for boat life! ~Gwenn

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  4. Weedhopper….The Earth is slow, but the Oxen is patient. Maintaining a home can be labor intensive! As it is a known fact that this home can sink , I believe it is time well invested! Sounds wonderful. P.S. —- I vote a Cap’n Jack look for Chris!


    1. I think…hope!…that we’ll be heading north this week. Though, in fairness, we move pretty slowly, so will still be in Florida for a bit, haha! I have to be in North Dakota for school the first week of August and hope to see Dani the week prior. In theory, we’ll have made it to Massachusetts by then and I’ll fly out of Boston. I would LOVE to see you, though!!!


    1. Internet is a hard habit to break, but also just as difficult to maintain while living on the boat! We have almost maxed out around 17 GB of data and our cycle doesn’t restart until July 9! I’m now just keeping the hot spot off and when we stay in a marina, we binge far more than we should on their free wifi. – Jamie


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