And so it begins…

Chris on his last day in uniform

The last few weeks have been tough.  Super tough.  I was in a generally constant state of feeling overwhelmed and never felt like I was catching up.  Even on our last day in Germany, the idea that we were finally almost done with the moving portion where clocks were ticking and the pressure was on gave me no relief.  I think part of that anxiety stemmed from knowing that I would miss Air Force culture, living in Germany, and most of all, the good friends I had made along with the family we had only recently really bonded with.  I just wasn’t ready to go.  And dealing with the conflicting emotions of that and all the same still feeling excited about our next step was hard, especially when combined with constantly worrying about getting rid of all of our stuff.  Somewhere in there, I also started to stress over how much of our stuff we were still keeping and exactly how we will organize/store all of it on the boat.  (This remains a source of anxiety, albeit at a much more tolerable level, as our stuff is piling up here at my parents’ house.)

On the way to the Frankfurt Airport

It was (of course) raining on Saturday morning as we headed to Frankfurt airport.  Aside from some frustrating drama at the Lufthansa gate check-in regarding the size of the dog carriers, it was a mostly smooth trip home.  All of our baggage arrived with us (for better or worse…at this point, the idea of just “losing” some more stuff kind of sounds appealing).  My parents picked us up and since Saturday, life has been good.  Really good.  Perfect weather, watching Madi taunt the surf at the beach, getting a hot dog and cheese fries at Mustard’s (the best hot dog place ever), and just relaxing with family (nothing like having a mom and dad around to wash your clothes, entertain your kid, and cook for you).

Madi is right at home on the beach!

Chris is now down in Moorehaven where our boat has been stored at Glades Boat Storage since we bought it last summer.  The previous owners met him there and they are working together on some repair/maintenance projects this week.  I say “projects” because I’ve mostly ignored the specifics and kept my head in the sand for “boat work”…this attitude may come back to haunt me later, but right now, I’m okay with delaying the stress of actually moving aboard.  My week involves getting school work done for myself, easing into a home school routine with Madi, and…hmm…that may be the extent of stuff we “must do.”  Yes!


Just as I feel immensely grateful right now to have my parents taking care of us and making us feel not-homeless and not-carless, so too is there a ton of appreciation for the friends and family that kept us sane in the last few weeks.  They took our kid, loaned us a van, let us give them containers overflowing with “stuff” to sort out, fed us, and maybe most importantly, listened sympathetically when I needed to vent.  I’ve really internalized the importance of having friends and sincerely hope that we keep in touch…in a perfect world, everyone comes to see us (maybe not at the same time…it *is* is a small boat) and we pick up right where we left off.



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