The Preparation Continues…

Air ShipmentThe air shipment is on its way!  This was everything that we’ll have access to for the next year, other than what we hand carry to Florida.  Admittedly, I passively decided to hand carry more than I’ll be able to manage, but that’s what the post office is there for, right?  We have about a month until our household goods are picked up, but that will all go directly into storage.  The good news is that the military provides free storage for up to a year after retirement; the bad news is we will have no access to it for that time.  So, this was a stressful week as we worked to ensure we were including as much as we needed, but within the weight limit.  We ultimately filled up one crate, or as I enjoyed telling my parents since this shipment is headed to their house for delivery, it all fit in one “box”.

We’ve managed to sell a good amount of our stuff, but we still have a figurative mountain to climb to get rid of everything (thankfully not a literal one…it is too cold for that idea in Germany right now – it is snowing as I type).  We are having an open house tomorrow and with luck, by the end of the weekend, there won’t be a couch to sit on!

I’m really not bothered much by getting rid of my stuff; it is such an overwhelming task that each piece that leaves offers a bit of relief that I’m getting there.  And, now that I’ve gone through everything, I appreciate that I have a mental inventory of everything we will bring aboard.  Especially because Madison is the sole little child for us, she has accumulated way more than she ever needed in toys and books and just “stuff”.  I think she is more likely to enjoy what she has in her cabin than she has when there was a room full of things to play with.

Emotionally, I feel much more settled and ready, which is a relief.  I accept that the next 6 months to a year are going to be challenging, but just like with a military move, I’ve set aside (most of) the anxiety and am now feeling excited about the change.  I do look around at everything I’ll miss here – great friendships, favorite restaurants (yes, I’ll admit to that being near the top of the list), simple familiarity, travel opportunities, German culture and military culture too.  But, really, while those are things I’ve cherished and expect to sometimes pine for, living here was never permanent and won’t be for my friends either.  That is an advantage to making this transition from a predominantly transient community; people are coming and going all the time and it is just our turn.

And with that, I’m going to start cleaning this place and getting ready for tomorrow’s open house!



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